Want to figure out when to meet up?

Introducing WhenCan'tIMeet

- it's When2Meet, but better!

Winner of "The app that makes life so easy" prize at Devfest 2014

Soon coming to a Chrome Web Store near you


With the right amount of hacky JavaScript and voodoo magic, we built
a Chrome extension to improve When2Meet with Google Calendar integration.

Easy to Decide Meetings

Automatically include only the times when you're free to meet.
Don't waste time switching between your Google Calendar and When2Meet.

Built by

Robert Ying

SEAS 2016

Derek He

SEAS 2016

Parthiban Loganathan

SEAS 2016

Aditya Majumdar

SEAS 2015

Justin Zhao

SEAS 2015

Made in a cold, cold room at Devfest 2014